The People We Serve

Since 1991 the Women & Family Life Center has served over 15,000 individuals.  In the past year we served over 1,200 women and families from towns on the Shoreline between East Haven and East Lyme, Connecticut.  The need is real and it is growing!


“I live, laugh, and love life! I am in a wonderful place knowing Emilie (the W&FLC Referral Navigator) and enjoying the Women and Family Life Center Team. We all identify with good things and this team is the best. There is a place for us when it is needed. You will get help at Women & Family Life for most problems.” 

- Madonna


 "Women & Family Life Center is a wonderful organization. This group of extraordinary women have given me a wealth of support in difficult times. From gift cards and toiletries to handmade quilts. But for me the biggest gift has been socialization. I have been introduced into a neighborhood of friends. Woman from different towns with unique life affirming stories meet to do arts and crafts, cooking, etc. Freeing us from everyday life to rejuvenate and recharge. Socializing with my peers is something I’ve grown to look forward to. My heartfelt “Thank You” to all involved. Do what you LOVE & LOVE what you do. "

- Rosemary



"Women and Family Life Center is a treasure trove of support.  It is a unique organization that gives you a soft place to land when you need it.  They offer community, guidance, and a host of other programs.  That support makes all the difference.  They have our backs!"

- Melissa


 "For a couple hours of month we get to spend time with courageous individuals to offer some honest advise and guidance. Individuals who have limitless potential who can depend on us to cheer them on along the way.  As  financial coaches through Women & Family Life, we witness the staffs' incredible approach to healing and growth of our neighbors in need.  It would be an oversight to assume that because you are a volunteer, you are the only one giving."
Connor Dolan

Volunteer Financial Coach

 "I have been volunteering at the Center for over 10 years facilitating the Divorce Support Group. I have met some of the most amazing women over the years, not just in my groups but working with others at the Center. 

I have watched women in the groups grow emotionally and find their inner strength. These women come to group unsure of their future and leave knowing that they are stronger than they thought they were and that there is a future after divorce. I am so glad to be a part of such a wonderful process."

Cynthia Sarris

RESTART Divorce & Separation Support Group

  “I thought I was alone and had to do everything by myself. I was afraid and didn’t know what I didn’t know. Women and Family Life Center provided resources I never knew were available; financial, legal, emotional, practical, and social. But mostly, despite my fear, I felt safe, that someone believed me and had the knowledge and resources to help guide me. My journey was, and still is difficult, but the persistent support of people at W&FLC has made that journey a little bit easier. I know I’m not alone. These strangers are actually angels. I am not alone.” 

- Anonymous GAP, Lawyer Time and Financial Consultation Participant