Economic Security & Success


Access to Safe & Affordable Housing


Building Community & Confidence


Freedom from Violence & Harassment

Let's make our community a better place, together!


Women and Family Life Center (W&FLC) empowers women and families to face challenges and transitions in their lives with strength and confidence. Our Center offers women and families access to a strong network of support, education and community to make life transitions a time of positive change during a time of isolation, fear, and financial distress.  


Women and Family Life Center envisions a world where life transitions and crises for women and families become less about uncertainty and doubt and more about hope, positive change and community. We believe that where you are today does not determine your future. Through education, support, community and a little fun and laughter, women and families gain the strength, knowledge and skills to stand up for themselves and others. They strive for a better life and set out on a path toward greater access to economic security and success, freedom from violence and harassment, access to safe and affordable housing and a stronger, more supportive community network.